A Story of Metal

Sanjeeb Basi
3 min readAug 23, 2020
Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

The day is April 11, 1983. It’s around 9 am. We are in New York.

(To keep some suspense, let’s call the subject of our story “Our Guy.”)

Our Guy had a little too much booze and drink the night before.

Our guy is a guitarist.

Three other guys; James Hatfield, Lars Ulrich and Cliff Burton came to our guy’s room. They said that our guy has been fired from the band. It was the band that our guy had co-founded.

The news is so sudden that our guy could not understand what was happening. Well, he is hung-over.

Our guy asks James when is his flight back home. James tells him that he is going home not by flight but by bus. The ticket has been booked and the bus is leaving the next hour.

James offers to drive him to the bus terminal and tells him that his guitar and other gears will follow shortly.

Agonized, our guy sits on the four-day bus ride back to home. During the bus ride, he reads anything he gets his hands upon. Because, why not? There is nothing else to do anyway. He finds a presidential campaign leaflet of Mr Alan Cranston.

A section on the leaflet reads, “The arsenal of megadeath can’t be rid!”

Right then he comes to realize his situation. He has been kicked out of his band weeks prior they were supposed to record their debut album. He has been betrayed by whom he considered being his best friends.

He thinks that back home he will form a new band. He will be even greater than his former bandmates.

He scribbles down some lyrics for his potential new song through his new band on the back of the leaflet. Thanks to the leaflet, he also decides on what could be the potential name for his new band.

Back home in California, he creates a new band. He writes great songs and writes great guitar notes.

Two years later in 1985, the new band released their first album.

Until 2016, the band had released sixteen albums. Seven of them are RIAA platinum-certified. The band has had twelve Grammy nominations and has also won one.

The band has sold over 40 million records worldwide. And our guy is a millionaire with the net worth of…